Information Services Business Analyst I

Monroe County | Rochester, NY

Posted Date 8/31/2021

Description of Duties

This position, located in Monroe County government in either the Department of Information Services or other county department, is the highest level position in an information services business analyst hierarchy. Responsibilities involve analyzing business procedures of user departments and to develop and implement information management systems that are compatible with them. This position differs from the lower, Information Services Business Analyst II by virtue of performing the more complex assignments that involve project implementation management and encompass a larger scope such as an entire department. The employee works closely with user departments to develop an understanding of their business processes and goals. The employee reports directly to, and works under the general supervision of a higher-level staff member.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must be permanently employed in the competitive class in a Monroe County Department and must have served continuously on a permanent basis for twelve (12) months holding the position of Information Services Business Analyst II immediately preceding the date of the written test.

No.: PISBAI-1101-21

Name: Information Services Business Analyst I

Type: Civil Service Exams

Deadline: 09/22/21 05:00PM

Exam Date: 11/01/21 08:30AM

Price: N/A

Salary: $63,147 - $81,434 annually (Monroe County)

Agency/Dept.: Monroe County Departments

Employment Type
Full Time

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